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Con la Domenica delle palme e della Passione del Signore, monsignor Giuseppe Schillaci ha dato inizio ai riti della Settimana Santa nella diocesi lametina

Lamezia, celebrazioni del Triduo Pasquale presiedute dal vescovo

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With the celebration of Palm Sunday and the Passion of the Lord, Bishop Giuseppe Schillaci began the rites of Holy Week in the Lametine diocese, which will culminate in the Easter Triduum of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus.
«Faced with the Passion and Death of Jesus, our attitude should be that of silence. Let's reread this story during this week, this extraordinary fact of love. Jesus, with his Passion, does not respond to our criteria which are those of strength, power, even violence. Jesus, with his Passion and Death, reveals his face as a servant and shows all his love for humanity ”. Thus Bishop Schillaci in the celebration with which Jesus' entry into Jerusalem is commemorated every year. «Jesus enters Jerusalem on horseback, in meekness and humility - continued Schillaci - in the same way Christ wants to enter our life, the life of our community. Without pomp, without ostentation, but with its meekness and meekness ».
The rites of the Easter Triduum will take place with the presence of the people in compliance with the safety protocols provided by the government for the celebrations and the guidelines of the Italian Bishops' Conference for the rites of Holy Week.
Holy Thursday, 1 April , at 10 am in the Cathedral the Holy Chrism Mass, presided over by Bishop Giuseppe Schillaci and concelebrated by all the priests of the Diocese. In compliance with the rules for the prevention of contagion, exclusively for the celebration of the Chrism Mass, to access the Cathedral it will be necessary to have a pass. At 7 pm, the bishop will celebrate the Holy Mass “in Coena Domini”.
Good Friday, April 2nd , at 4 pm in the Cathedral the celebration of the Passion of the Lord.At 7 pm, the celebration of the Via Crucis at the “Giovanni Paolo II” Hospital in Lamezia Terme. For reasons related to the health emergency, the faithful will not be able to access the hospital premises and will be able to join in prayer through TV and social channels.
On Saturday 3 April , the bishop will preside at the Easter vigil at 7 pm in the Cathedral. Sunday 4 April, Easter of Resurrection, at 10.30 the bishop will preside over the solemn pontifical in the Cathedral.
The celebrations will be broadcast on the regional television station EsseTV (channel 112.512), on the Facebook page and YouTube channel of the broadcaster, on the website and on the Facebook page of the Diocese by the office for social communications.

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